REA: ‘UK in relegation zone for energy transition’

A lack of long-term policies has the UK near the bottom in Europe, a report suggests

‘Government failing on net zero action’

That’s the claim of a recent report, which claims the renewables industry could be growing at a much larger rate with more investment

REA: ‘UK economy could gain billions from low carbon transport’

It says all forms of transport must be included from maritime, land and air

REA: ‘Energy crisis shows energy must diversify and decarbonise’

It claims the hike in gas prices is key evidence that the UK’s energy system must become less one-dimensional

Wind turbine
REA: ‘More government action is needed if the UK is to achieve its net zero aims’

The REA’s new report reveals that although progress in decarbonisation has been made, reduced support schemes and a lack of policy have slowed progress

REA sets up new hydrogen working group

It stressed the importance clean hydrogen will have in decarbonising important sectors, slashing GHG emissions and delivering net zero

REA: ‘Energy storage needs cannot be met without market changes’

The REA predicts that the UK will need at least 30GW of long-duration energy storage technologies by 2050, which is currently not possible with the present market and regulations

Wind energy
REA’s ‘green pathway’ could accelerate net zero and create thousands of jobs in the process

The report has set some key aims and targets to speed-up the net zero push in the coming decades, including more than 50% of electricity generation coming from renewables by the end of 2022

‘EVs keep key workers moving during pandemic’

Around 83% of EV drivers are still reliant on their vehicles for essential travel with almost a quarter being key workers in the midst of the pandemic

Ofgem confirms controversial plans for electricity network charges

Industry has slammed the regulator’s outcome of the Targeted Charging Review but Ofgem has argued its reforms help lay the foundations for a net zero economy