Deadly African drought ‘not possible’ without climate change

Scientists state that rising greenhouse gas emissions made this crippling drought 100 times more likely

‘Driest February in 30 years’

England is in desperate need of heavy rainfall for farming and drinking water supplies, a report suggests

‘UK flood damages to rise by 20%’

This will be due to the impacts of climate change, researchers have found

Scotland invests in climate defences in Malawi

The government has followed through on its promise to help developing countries fight the impacts of climate change

‘Climate change to blame for Argentinian drought’

Argentina is the world’s top soy exporter and third for corn – both of which have barely been able to grow throughout the ongoing drought

New Zealand minister: ‘Cyclone a result of climate inaction’

The country is currently in a state of emergency following the battering experienced from Cyclone Gabrielle

Perilous floods in Pakistan leave more than 1,000 dead

The UN has appealed for aid, with the Prince of Wales and UK government donating

Global warming is speeding up the water cycle – what does this mean?

More water vapour in the air is leading to heavier rainfall on land

Heavy rain batters southern Africa, with climate change to blame

Three cycles and two tropical storms have wreaked havoc in just six weeks

‘Extreme weather patterns are not new phenomena’

New data reveals the most extreme weather the UK has experienced dates back to the Victorian period