Prince Charles sympathetic to Extinction Rebellion

He raised his worries for world leaders to “just talk” at COP26 and stressed that “the problem is to get action on the ground”

Police ban Extinction Rebellion activists from protesting

The police warned that failing to comply with the ban makes climate campaigners liable for arrest and prosecution

Court of Appeal rules INEOS anti-protest injunction ‘was unlawful’

A judge has ordered extensive changes to the injunction to protect civil liberties and free speech

France freezes fuel duty rise in face of widespread protests

The tax hike to encourage a shift towards cleaner transport has been suspended for six months

Weald oil drilling ‘will be fought’

Environmental campaigners have already pledged to fight any potential drilling for oil in the south east. Today’s announcement of the discovery of potentially 100 billion barrels of oil underneath Gatwick airport and the Weald of Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, has prompted Friends of the Earth to predict developers will face a big public backlash. […]

Blog – They frack you up, your mum and dad

She could see me coming a mile off. The reporter with a cameraman in tow was in her sights. As I looked out over the tents, protestors and policemen outside Cuadrilla’s drilling site in Balcombe, the floaty dress-wearing, grey-haired woman took my arm. “I’ve got a GREAT story for you. See that boy over there? […]

Fukushima owner applies to restart other nuclear plant

The owner of Fukushima nuclear power plant wants to restart one of its other power stations. This week Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) announced it will “promptly apply” for permission to adapt its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power station (pictured) to the new safety standards. It said safety measures at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa have been “stringently reviewed”, particularly to check […]

Heat wave causes power cuts and violent protests in India

A heat wave across most parts of north and western India has led to electricity cuts, water shortages and even violent protests against power firms. Reports claim angry residents in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh set fire to a fire station and held power company employees hostage for several hours. The power cuts left […]

Blog: Is it a case of Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay our energy bills?

For many, last week was a week of love, with Valentine’s Day arriving with its usual parade of cheap restaurant deals and single red roses. But for a few people (and doubtless many more out of the public eye) it was a week of anger. At what? The price of energy bills and spiralling fuel […]

Angry protests at Big Six profits

Protestors angry at Big Six profits took giant fake fuel bills to the Department of Energy and Climate Change in London over the weekend. Protest action also took place in Edinburgh as well as Nottingham and the London boroughs of Lewisham, Haringey, Hackney and Southwark over a weekend dubbed Stop the Great Fuel Robbery. The […]