Metro mayors back Ofgem’s regional energy planning reform

Metro mayors representing almost a third of the UK’s population have endorsed Ofgem’s regional energy planning reform, aiming to streamline local planning and cut red tape

Global grid upgrades could save $3tn by 2040

Investing $1.7 trillion in additional transmission infrastructure by 2040 could cut global electricity decarbonisation costs by $3 trillion, according to a new report

‘Grid upgrades vital for Welsh energy transition’

RenewableUK Cymru has endorsed the Welsh Government’s urgent push for grid upgrades to accelerate the energy transition

Underwater cable being laid
Ireland and France launch construction on Celtic interconnector

Construction has begun on the Celtic Interconnector project, uniting the electricity grids of Ireland and France through a 700MW submarine cable expected to be completed in 2026

More UK homes to earn by cutting energy usage

National Grid Electricity Distribution has seen “rapid growth” in domestic participation in its flexibility programme, with 433 households set to reduce energy usage and earn savings

Home battery owners profit from selling electricity to the grid

Homeowners with home batteries earned up to £25.60 by selling electricity back to the grid during a successful winter trial

Winter demand service to triple: Will UK lights stay on?

The electricity system operator expects a significant increase in participation in this winter’s Demand Flexibility Service, potentially tripling last year’s uptake

Solar and wind power
Wind and solar could power all of Britain’s energy needs by 2050

New analysis from Oxford University suggests that Britain could rely entirely on wind and solar power by 2050 to meet its energy needs, challenging the notion that these technologies are impractical or costly

Nearly 1.3m homes could be powered by EVs in car parks

Long stay car parks, especially those at airports, have the potential to provide 4.3GW of flexible electricity demand, according to a new study by UKPN

UK smashes low carbon electricity record with wind power

On Monday 18th September, the UK achieved a new low carbon intensity record of 27g/kWh, according to new data