‘First-of-a-kind’: Plans unveiled for bio-recycled PET facility in France

Carbios and Indorama Ventures aim to build and operate the ‘world’s first’ industrial-scale enzymatic PET bio-recycling plant

INEOS to invest £1bn in achieving net zero by 2045

It is investing the money in its Grangemouth site and is targeting a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030

BASF joins sustainable polymer taskforce

The taskforce aims to create a circular economy for polymers, which are used in millions of products including paints, cosmetics and fertilisers

Covestro inks ‘world’s largest’ offshore wind PPA with Ørsted

The latter company is buying 100MW of the electricity output form the planned Borkum Riffgrund 3 offshore wind farm

Plastic waste
Teysha Technologies develops biodegradable plastic alternatives

Its AggiePol bio-plastic is derived from sustainable, natural feedstocks such as starches and agricultural waste

UK businesses offered £4m to design circular future for plastics

Projects can be led by a business or a research and technology organisation but must include an SME

‘Cleaner and greener’ £5 notes hit the streets

The Bank of England has started circulating the new £5 notes that are said to be more environmentally friendly. The ‘cleaner, safer and stronger’ banknotes are made from polymer, a thin, flexible plastic material and feature Winston Churchill. According to the Bank, polymer is resistant to dirt and moisture and lasts around 2.5 times longer […]

Could your clothing store solar heat?

Imagine if your shirt or dress could release heat to keep you warm during the winter months. Even more, what if it could dial back on your thermostat setting and have the right temperature if you enter a cooler room? Well according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), that could be possible […]

UK to introduce ‘greener’ plastic banknotes in 2016

Plastic banknotes which are believed to be more environmentally friendly than the current cotton paper currency are set to be issued in the UK in the next three years. The Bank of England made the announcement this week following a three year research programme and public consultation. The new polymer banknotes (pictured) will replace the […]

UK mulls switch to ‘cleaner and greener’ banknotes

The Bank of England is considering switching from paper to plastic banknotes, which is said to be more environmentally-friendly. Research conducted by the Bank for the last three years showed printing on polymer would bring more benefits compared to the cotton paper currency that have been in circulation for more than 300 years. Polymer banknotes […]