New project launches to ensure more electric machines doesn’t mean more landfill

The project aims to stop the ‘electric revolution’ for technologies such as EVs resulting in more landfill in the future

Carbon dioxide emissions
IEA: Global CO2 emissions bouncing back after ‘unprecedented’ fall in 2020

In December 2020, global emissions were 2% higher than they were in the same month a year earlier, new report finds

Total carbon dioxide emissions from passenger cars fall by only 1% in last decade

The NAO links this worrying lack of progress to increased car use and road traffic, as well as greater adoption of large SUV vehicles

Shell’s ‘net zero strategy’ to invest four times as much into oil and gas exploration than into renewables

The energy giant has announced it plans to reduce oil production by ‘around 1% or 2% each year’

BlackRock CEO warns polluting companies could be dropped from actively managed funds

In his annual letter to CEOs, Larry Fink said the global asset manager would ask companies to disclose how their business model aims to be compatible with net zero

The entirety of London’s main bus fleet now meets ULEZ standards

Since 2017, TfL has worked to phase out polluting diesel buses and spent around £85m on retrofitting older buses to Euro VI or cleaner standards

Two million plastic bags are used every minute – are banks partially to blame?

Portfolio Earth says yes – it calls for global banks to stop financing businesses in the plastic supply chain unless they can demonstrate best practice in environmental behaviours

Fossil fuel divestment works on a domestic basis – but is it creating pollution havens abroad?

The University of Edinburgh Business School warns global oil and gas finance has still grown at over 8% per year since the divestment movement started in 2008

Mexico City’s ban on single-use plastics comes into force

The legislation is claimed to be the first in the country that promotes the elimination of various plastic items

Graphene-based biopolymer ‘could put an end to plastic packaging for good’

Biotech firm Toraphene has created an innovative new material it says is biodegradable, compostable and commercially-viable