Net Hero Podcast – Chris Skidmore continues his mission

I chat to Chris Skidmore about his forthcoming book Mission Zero and his view on our current progress to that 2050 target he set!

UK ‘U-turn’ on net zero – or much ado about nothing?

To read recent headlines, you might be forgiven for thinking the UK is starting to scale back its net-zero ambitions – or possibly even going cold on the idea altogether

Juliet Davenport says we need brave leaders but business is gaining momentum

I spoke to Juliet Davenport the founder of Good Energy on the state of net zero at present

Net zero by 2041 – “It’s an achievable goal”

That’s what West Midlands Mayor Andy Street had to say on his region’s net zero target

West Midlands Mayor says he wants Coventry to be an “exemplar place”

I spoke to Andy Street at the Big Zero Show about the region’s net zero desires and commitments

Swiss voters back new climate bill

This will see the country lower its imports of oil and gas and shift its focus to renewable energy

Rachel Reeves cuts back on Labour’s £28bn green plan

Labour has said the change in policy is linked to the Conservative Party’s dealings with the economy and rising interest rates from borrowing

Climate group labelled ‘crazy’ and raided by German police

Many have called for the group to be defined as a criminal organisation and face jail time for its actions

Labour could take the ULEZ out of London to other UK cities

The idea for the expansion is backed in a Labour policy document, reports claim

UN Chief calls on G7 to be face of climate action

“We are clearly off track,” he said in a recent speech