Smart meters – why your business should upgrade now

This week’s podcast is for any business owner that has asked themselves, why should I get a smart meter?

Is carbon capture the answer to energy woes?

This week’s Net Hero Podcast focusses on carbon capture, billed the answer to cutting emissions and maintaining our lifestyles – can it be so?

‘Once you have this machine you can use it to reduce your energy bills’

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Energy storage will deliver ‘tens of billions of pounds a year’

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What are Power Purchase Agreements?

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Net Hero Podcast – Birdies, eagles and green golf

Can golf be green? In this week’s podcast ahead of the Masters in Augusta we explore the sustainable credentials of the sport

Why is low carbon heat critical for net zero success?

In this week’s podcast with two Gemserv experts, we look to uncover how the heat industry is changing and the key role it has in a low carbon future

Net Hero Podcast – “Taxi – fly me round the corner!”

Could flying in drone-like electric taxis beat the congestion and clean up our air too?

Flexibility is key to reaching net zero – but why?

We spoke with ENA’s Farina Farrier about how energy networks are set to adapt to the green transition and what this means for the market and infrastructure

Net Hero Podcast – Hair today, recycle tomorrow?

What happens to your hair once it leaves your head and what about the chemicals?