‘Net zero fails if plumbers are not on side’

Forgetting to call the plumber could put Boris Johnson’s net zero strategy at risk, a new report claims

‘Retrofit army’: Half a million builders and plumbers needed to meet net zero goal

New research published by UK100 suggests around 455,076 jobs could be created or be in demand in the construction and property sectors alone

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – Just how important are energy consultants?

As the TELCA awards loom on the horizon and I get ready to put my judging hat on, it’s a timely question to ask – just how important are energy consultants? Given the ever-spiralling costs of energy, carbon and pass-through charges, I’d say the services of a good consultant are absolutely essential for everyone with […]

Liverpool opens ‘green’ training centre

Liverpool will be home to a new “green” training centre where budding electricians, plumbers and heating engineers will learn how to install sustainable technology. Students at the £250,000 facility opened this week by Liverpool Community College will be able to practise fitting solar panels, heat pumps and water recycling systems into a full size “indoor […]