Aldi launches beef packaging trials to cut plastic use by 73%

The supermarket chain is introducing vacuum and flow-wrap packaging for its beef mince products

Tesco introduces clear caps to boost milk bottle recycling

Tesco is introducing new clear caps on its own brand milk bottles, replacing the coloured plastic caps with clear alternatives on around 425 million bottles each year

INEOS to only use renewables for plastic production in Norway

The company has said using renewable energy will reduce the carbon footprint of the plastic by up to 30%

Danone sued for plastic footprint

The company isn’t complying with French environmental laws, a charity claims

UK professors say hemp can make Scotland’s agricultural sector carbon-neutral

Boosting hemp production in Scotland could bring “huge” environmental benefits to the agricultural sector, according to a new report

Research for circular plastics economy offered £7m funding

The whole of the product lifecycle is in scope, from extraction and novel and conventional production, to maximising the longevity and value achieved while in use and to recycling and recovery at the end of life

Developing activities that contribute to society’s carbon neutrality

Carbon storage is a key factor to achieve carbon neutrality in the second half of the 21st century. We are developing businesses with a focus on preserving and restoring ecosystems that act as carbon sinks and on CCUS technology

Could biodegradable plastics be possible? – Amazon thinks so

Amazon has teamed up with a US Department of Energy-backed project to develop plastics that can biodegrade in natural environments

Nearly 45% of Britons ‘wrongly dispose of unflushables’

Three-in-ten are flushing wet wipes, new survey finds

Tesco ditches more than 1.5bn pieces of plastic from packaging

The supermarket removed plastic from a range of items, including wrapped tinned multipacks, plastic wrapping from cans of branded beers and ciders as well as from greeting cards