McDonald’s launches plastic straws-to-swimwear project

The old iconic red-and-yellow plastic straws will be given a second life by being converted into women’s suit and men’s swim shorts made from upcycled fabric

LEGO invests $26m in a plastic-to-energy company

The Norwegian technology-based energy company Quantafuel turns plastic waste into low-carbon synthetic oil products

Total develops strategic partnership to support plastic recycling goals

The collaboration will help the oil giant fulfil its ambition to produce 30% recycled polymers by 2030

Collection day for plastic waste as inquiry launches

A new inquiry into plastic waste management in the UK has been launched. The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) aims to assess the extent of the damage being done to the environment by disposable drinks packaging, particularly focusing upon the impact of plastic bottles and coffee cups. It will then try to work out how to […]