Single-use plastic plates to be banned in England

A new public consultation is set to be launched to seek views on a ban on single-use plastic plates, cutlery and cups

Only one in 10 shoppers buy plastic bags

Most people in England now use their own bags when they go shopping. A report by Cardiff University revealed only one in 10 shoppers use plastic bags since the 5p charge was implemented. It surveyed people in England, Wales and Scotland before and after the new rule was introduced. Before the charge, 70% of respondents from […]

Plastic bag charge comes into effect in England

The five pence charge for single-use plastic carrier bags has come into effect this week. The charge, which will apply for all retailers with 250 or more full-time employees, is expected to significantly reduce the use of plastic bags. It follows similar schemes in Scotland and Wales, with the latter nation seeing a 79% fall […]

Scotland approves 5p plastic bag charge

Shoppers in Scotland have been hit with a 5p charge for a single-use plastic bag after regulations to introduce it were backed by the Scottish Government. MSPs approved the new rule by 100 votes to 12 in an effort to clamp down on plastic waste as Scotland currently uses 750 million bags every year – […]

China’s plastic bag ban ‘saves 6m tons of oil’

A plastic bag ban launched five years ago in China has helped the country save six million tonnes of oil, Chinese media reported. It has also helped cut the use of plastic bags by more than two thirds, equivalent to around 67 billion as more consumers are using reusable cloth-made bags, reports claim. China banned […]