Ipswich Borough Council plants trees after reducing paper footprint of its council tax bills

After almost 6,000 residents signed up for paperless billing, the local authority planted 60 trees in four parks

Surrey to plant 1.2m trees to slash carbon dioxide emissions

The initiative supports the county’s ambition to become carbon-neutral by 2050

‘Green’ roofs installed on bus stops in Utrecht

The bus stops also have LED lighting and 96 of them have been fitted with solar panels

Archer Daniels Midland ‘to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% before 2035’

The food processing company plans to buy more renewable electricity and adopt a range of new technologies across its business

More plants growing around Everest

New research from Exeter University shows plant life is expanding in the area around Mount Everest, and across the Himalayan region

Eco-pots spring up for greener houseplants

POTR Pots has launched a range of innovative and eco-friendly plant pots able to self-water houseplants and cut carbon emissions

Could retrofitting lampposts with plants give Londoners some breathing space?

Scotscape, Greenwich University and Grosvenor believe it could – they are piloting the idea in Belgravia’s Ebury Street

Nearly 600 plant species ‘have gone extinct in the last 250 years’

Researchers suggest this is more than twice the number of other animals that have died out over the same time period

UN: Healthy ecosystems can provide 37% of climate solution

Since 1990, deforestation has caused the loss of more than 290m hectares of forests that help absorb harmful carbon emissions from the atmosphere

Eden Project considers new location in Lancashire

It would focus on the connection with the environment in the Morecambe Bay