IKEA assembles new agenda for more sustainable wood use

The furniture and retail giant says the plan aims to further enhance biodiversity, tackle climate change and use wood in more innovative ways

Government launches consultation to accelerate tree planting and improve woodland management

It hopes farmers, foresters, land managers, experts, environmental organisations and members of the public will give their views on the future creation and management of the nation’s trees, woodlands and forests

Fintech specialist to plant Giant Sequoias in bid to tackle climate change

Revive Management notes a single Giant Sequoia can capture more carbon dioxide than the average UK citizen’s entire lifetime emissions

Arizona State University hopes to avoid 45k tonnes of emissions with tree planting

The US university plans to plant a forest of 1,000 trees in its local area to offset a portion of its carbon emissions and work towards net zero

The National Trust promises huge woodland expansion over next decade

To celebrate its 125th anniversary the Trust has announced plans to plant 20 million trees by 2030 to create 18,000 hectares of new woodland in the UK

Cornwall Council’s climate plan grows roots with £30m forest scheme

The local authority plans to plant thousands of new trees in a bid to tackle climate change

Yorkshire Water branches out to plant one million trees

Working with Yorkshire Water and Forest of Bradford, it aims to protect against floods and build a carbon sink

New hollow electricity poles ‘could cut wood use by 85%’

A total of 60,000 wooden electricity poles are needed in the UK every year