Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney does not want meat-eaters to ‘Let it Be’

His Meat Free Monday campaign’s new study claims that more than 30% of those who tried giving up meat once a week for five years ended up giving it up entirely

Vegan children shorter than meat-eating kids?

Study shows vegan children are shorter than those that eat meat

Alaska Airlines takes off with boxed water on flights to reduce plastic waste

It has teamed up with Boxed Water to replace plastic bottles with 92% plant-based water cartons, with the move expected to help reduce 7.2m plastic bottles from landfills every year

Burger King launches plant-based Whopper ‘unsuitable for vegans’

The soy-based Rebel Whopper is cooked on the same broiler as the original beef burger but is aimed at flexitarians rather than strict vegans

Reebok runs towards sustainability with corn and cotton trainers

The footwear giant’s new option for vegan consumers even comes in a recycled package