Diageo launches 100% recycled plastic bottle for whiskey brand

The change is estimated to reduce the use of virgin plastic by almost 1000 tonnes every year

Philips’ lighting division Signify to phase out plastic packaging by 2021

The change is estimated to avoid the use of more than 2,500 tonnes of plastics every year, equivalent to around 125 million PET bottles

Tetra Pak on track to hit 80% renewables target

The packaging giant has deployed solar panels at its factories, purchased renewable certificates and invested €16m in energy efficiency

Arla’s dairy product packaging to use 40% less plastic

Each bucket has 16 grams less plastic than the former packaging and is 100% recyclable – this ensures a plastic saving of 270 tonnes of plastic every year

Carlsberg says cheers to cutting CO2 emissions with paper bottles

The ‘world’s first paper beer bottle’ will be made from 100% bio-based and fully recyclable wood fibres

Haney launches sustainable packaging guide for brands

The VIA ReSolve Sustainable Packaging Program will provide access to eco-friendly wrapping material and technical expertise to companies across the globe

Nestlé has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 34% since 2010

The report claims during 2019 Nestle reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 34% while 41% of the company’s electricity came from renewable sources

Iceland slashes annual plastic packaging use by 29%

The supermarket chain says it has removed 3,794 tonnes of plastic to date, the equivalent weight of 36 blue whales

Nestlé signs European Plastics Pact

The firm aims to reduce the use of virgin plastics by a third and achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025

Sockmaker sorts labels made from recycled coffee cup fibres

Pantherella has partnered with papermaker James Cropper to launch the new eco-friendly new packaging for its products