Acer pledges to make Vero laptop line carbon-neutral

It will start with the new Aspire Vero 16 laptop, with actions taken at each stage of the device lifecycle to minimise its carbon footprint

Robinsons squashes plastic footprint with plant-based packaging

The company claims the change will see 85% less plastic used per serving of its squash

‘Net zero grocery tax will worsen cost of living’

Shopping costs would rise by £4bn a year, or £140 per household, a study claims

Cigarette-style packaging to turn off meat eaters

Research has found changing the labels of meat would reduce consumption

Danone sued for plastic footprint

The company isn’t complying with French environmental laws, a charity claims

‘Tesco Tinder’: Match with suppliers to swap excess stock and reduce waste

Tesco Exchange matches suppliers who have too much of a product, such as crops, by-products, ingredients or packaging, with other Tesco suppliers that need it

Prince William reveals finalists of £1m Earthshot Prize

Winners of the competition, which rewards ground-breaking solutions to the biggest environmental challenges facing the planet, will be announced on 2nd December 2022 in Boston

Green tea? Asda launches plant-based packaging for tea bags

The 550m tea bags the supermarket sells each year can now be disposed of in kerbside food waste bins

Admiral Taverns pledges to serve £1m for energy efficient pubs

The community pub group has identified cellar management systems and fridge managers as two of the most effective measures to help preserve energy

Domino’s encourages recycling with new pizza box packaging

It has partnered with WestRock to print recycling messaging on the pizza boxes, which are made of more than 70% recycled content