Burt’s Bees buzzing over 2025 net zero plastic goal

It is implementing several large-scale initiatives such as cutting the use of virgin packaging materials, i.e. plastic and fibre, by 33% by 2025 and by 50% by 2030

Aldi reduces plastic packaging by 29 tonnes for Easter

The supermarket retailer removes 2 million pieces of plastic from its Easter range in its journey towards fully-recyclable packaging by 2025

Tesco removes 20m plastic items from Christmas range

The move is part of the supermarket’s 4Rs packaging strategy – to remove it where it can, reduce it where it can’t, reuse more and recycle what’s left

Graphene-based biopolymer ‘could put an end to plastic packaging for good’

Biotech firm Toraphene has created an innovative new material it says is biodegradable, compostable and commercially-viable

Almost 88% of UK councils ‘don’t recycle eco-friendly polythene bags’

Out of 375 UK councils, the few local authorities that accept them are restricting the colours and material blends that could be recycled, according to a new study

Stora Enso and Tetra Pak team up to explore recycling technology for used beverage cartons

The project is forecast to process 50,000 tonnes of used beverage cartons a year

Government injects £134m into green tech solutions to help the UK build back better

Projects to service offshore wind turbines autonomously, use AI to reduce beer waste and convert seaweed into compostable packaging are set to benefit

Packaging business DS Smith targets 30% carbon reduction by 2030

It is partnering with World Kinect Energy Services to manage its energy consumption for its recycling, paper and packaging sites across 26 countries in Europe

LEGO to invest $400m to accelerate sustainability

Funds will be allocated on the development of eco-friendly materials and actions to inspire children to learn more about sustainability through play

Coca Cola switches to 100% recycled plastic bottles in Netherlands and Norway

The transition will support the beverage giant’s goal to eliminate new virgin oil-based plastic across all its plastic bottles within a decade