LEGO to invest $400m to accelerate sustainability

Funds will be allocated on the development of eco-friendly materials and actions to inspire children to learn more about sustainability through play

Coca Cola switches to 100% recycled plastic bottles in Netherlands and Norway

The transition will support the beverage giant’s goal to eliminate new virgin oil-based plastic across all its plastic bottles within a decade

Aldi to launch own-brand cleaning liquid refills to save up to 550 tonnes of plastic every year

Products will allow customers to easily mix their concentrate with tap water to create four bottles of cleaning spray

Nestlé announces $30m closed loop investment

With this funding, the firm aims to secure access to food-grade recycled plastics feedstock

Heineken launches new cardboard topper to save plastic from millions of cans

The new packaging solution is forecast to eliminate more than 517 tonnes of plastic every year

Tetra Pak aims to reach net zero emissions by 2030

The food packaging company will try to achieve its goal by extending its energy efficiency measures and increasing the use of renewables

Energy drink producer commits to launching the greenest aluminium can

HELL ENERGY has partnered with aluminium company Hydro to create a can made of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap

Tesco launches sustainable packaging partnership to cut plastic waste

The retail giant teamed up with the circular shopping platform Loop for a new initiative which aims to deliver products to households in reusable packaging

Aldi scraps baby wipe plastic lids to save 80m pieces of harmful waste

The move forms part of its wider commitment to halve the volume of plastic packaging used by 2025.

Diageo launches 100% recycled plastic bottle for whiskey brand

The change is estimated to reduce the use of virgin plastic by almost 1000 tonnes every year