‘Switching to renewables could save the world more than £10tn’

Go ‘full speed ahead with the green energy transition’ to save cash – researchers say

Bank of America and Oxford Uni team up for climate research

The research will focus on developing technology for greenhouse gas removal

‘Eco-scores’ for greener baskets!

A pilot launch will see a group of leading food brands launch front-of-pack environmental scores on a range of products in September

Oxford University pledges to divest from fossil fuel companies

Its endowment office, which manages £3bn of funds is asked to request evidence of net zero carbon business plans from future fund managers

Ørsted and Oxford Uni team up to improve turbine foundations

They have inked a five-year research agreement to develop advanced geotechnical foundation designs that can help reduce costs

New WICKED plan to help businesses manage energy use

Retailers are paying higher energy bills than they need to – even those using smart meters – because they are “not actively managing” their energy use. That’s according to researchers at Oxford University, who believe businesses with smart meters could be swamped by the amount of information they have to analyse while those using manually-read […]

‘Capacity crunch could be worse than people think’

The coming capacity crunch could be worse than people think, an Oxford University professor and government advisor has told the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Professor Dieter Helm warned the committee: “By 2015/2016 the capacity margin in this country will be very close to zero. In fact I’ve done some numbers which suggest in […]

‘Gas is the only answer to blackouts and truly evil coal’

Gas is the only thing that can save Britain from blackouts and the environmental damage of “truly evil” coal, the House of Lord Economics Affairs Committee was told yesterday. Dieter Helm, an Oxford Professor and economic advisor to the Energy Secretary, was there to give evidence on the potential impact of shale gas extraction in […]

Pentland Firth could provide ‘half of Scotland’s electricity’

Tidal turbines in the currents between the Scottish mainland and the Orkney Island have the potential to generate up to 1.9GW of power – equivalent to almost half of Scotland’s electricity needs. That’s according to researchers at Oxford University whose new study highlights the huge potential of tidal power in the Pentland Firth and says […]

will.i.am visits Oxford to talk climate change – in a helicopter

will.i.am, founder member of hip hop group Black Eyed Peas apparently set heads turning last week when he arrived for a talk about climate change held at Oxford University – in a helicopter. The musician and judge of TV talent show The Voice visited the academic powerhouse to talk to climate change expert Professor Myles […]