Climate group labelled ‘crazy’ and raided by German police

Many have called for the group to be defined as a criminal organisation and face jail time for its actions

Germany axes wind farm to build coal mine

Eight turbines are being dismantled to make way for a coal expansion

If the world needs gas, we’ll provide, UAE says

The country is still looking to boost renewables but will supply fossil fuels when asked

Liz Truss urged to bailout UK in German-style multibillion stimulus

Experts have warned that only one path is realistic now for the new PM, a “massive stimulus package” for households and businesses

Canada and Germany set to ink new hydrogen deal

This new project would be the first of its kind in Canada

‘Climate change cost Germany €145bn the last 20 years’

That’s the cost of extreme weather disasters since 2000, a government report found

G7 warned ‘don’t allow climate to take a back seat’

A new report implores the leaders to reject a return to fossil fuels, during their recent meeting in Germany

German Chancellor rejects ban on Russian energy

Olaf Scholz has pushed back on a decision to ban imports due to Germany’s heavy dependence on them