Saudi Arabia commits to net zero by 2060

The Gulf state will invest $180 billion to achieve the aim but will continue to produce oil for years to come

‘Net zero will leave the Middle East 75% poorer’

A new report argues that oil-producing countries must be helped in the clean energy transition or risk becoming heavily poverty-stricken and a barrier to global net zero ambitions

Oil and gas sector ‘to prevent the world from limiting rising temperatures to 1.5°C’

None of the 100 companies investigated in a new report have committed to ending oil and gas exploration, despite the fact that they are arguably the largest contributors to the global climate emergency

EU Commission registers initiative aiming to ban fossil fuel ads and sponsorships

It will have to react on the proposal if organisers of the European Citizens’ Initiative collect one million signatures within a year from at least seven member states

‘Oil and gas giants must urgently ramp up investment to limit climate change’

CMS states investment in the energy transition accounted for only 3.6% of oil and gas majors’ capex spending in 2020

Shell’s ‘net zero strategy’ to invest four times as much into oil and gas exploration than into renewables

The energy giant has announced it plans to reduce oil production by ‘around 1% or 2% each year’

OLCV announces ‘world’s first shipment of carbon-neutral oil’

The Occidental subsidiary says the transaction is a step in the right direction to achieving ‘net zero oil’

UK and Scottish Governments ‘must work together to keep oil and gas in the ground as part of net zero deal’

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called for the governments to invest in low carbon industries to replace the fossil fuel sectors

Clean energy investment ‘urgently needed to create up to 100,000 jobs in North Sea by 2050’

A new report suggests £416 billion of new investment needs to be targeted at establishing a net zero offshore energy system over the next 30 years

Robeco extends fossil fuel exclusion policy to cover €144bn of assets

The rule, which will take effect at the end of 2020, expands on the firm’s previous thermal coal exclusion policy