Energy industry launches urgent talks on Labour’s tax plan

Offshore Energies UK is convening emergency summits this week at its London and Aberdeen offices, gathering its members

Barclays halts financing for new oil and gas projects

Barclays has decided to stop funding new oil and gas projects directly and introduced stricter rules for clients expanding in these sectors

‘$883bn offshore wind investments on the brink’

New analysis indicates that $883 billion in pre-sanctioned offshore wind projects, accounting for 380GW, could be at risk in the next six years

North Sea oil investments face 60% cash flow drop

Private equity investments in North Sea oil and gas may see a 60% cash flow decline due to the accelerating energy transition, according to a report

“UK EVs outshine North Sea oil for energy security”

Electric cars in the UK are set to enhance energy security more effectively than new North Sea oil licences, reducing dependence on petrol imports, according to a report

‘Minimal borrowing costs for oil and gas despite environmental concerns’

Oil and gas companies are facing almost no additional borrowing costs compared to less polluting businesses, according to a study by S&P Global Ratings

Energy industry responds to King’s Speech

The King’s Speech has generated mixed responses from the energy sector, with calls for specific policies to support renewable energy and concerns about the impact of energy-related measures on households

“Oil and gas titans grapple with energy transition threat”

Amid the energy transition, the oil and gas industry is urged to adopt adaptive strategies to safeguard shareholder value in the face of diminishing demand

Brits put climate on ice as living costs soar

More than half of British people are too preoccupied with the rising cost of living to prioritise climate change concerns, according to a survey

Marine pipeline to turbocharge Scotland’s green hydrogen exports

New research finds that Scotland’s Hydrogen Backbone Link could “revolutionise” its green hydrogen exports, creating thousands of jobs