‘More fossil fuel delegates at COP26 than any country’

A new study claims that people linked with the oil and gas industry outnumber everyone else at the conference

COP26: US to stop methane leaks from oil and gas wells later today

The country is expected to announce new measures to tackle methane emissions at the summit, which are responsible for a third of human-induced global warming

Shell to halve emissions by 2030

The oil company said the new target covers all Scope 1 and 2 emissions

India to make up 35% of all new Asian midstream oil and gas projects by 2025

The country is set to have 118 new projects start, with the largest costing $1.4bn and spanning more than 2,700km in length

‘Oil and gas industry will stop 75% cut in methane emissions from happening’

There is a new suggestion that the resistance of oil and gas firms to reveal their methane output will prevent the reduction needed to tackle climate change

Middle Eastern oil and gas company becomes carbon-neutral

It claims to have avoided 42m tonnes of carbon emissions in the last ten years by switching out diesel for natural gas

Stiesdal launches test plant for carbon-negative green fuels

The company estimates its SkyClean technology has the potential to provide a reduction of 12m tons of CO2 equivalent for Denmark

Nearly 60% of Brits ‘would support ban on products linked to deforestation’

New research finds more than half of the UK public would like to see the government reduce emissions at a faster pace

Scottish ‘energy transformation’ projects backed with £16.5m

The funding will support projects that aim to help decarbonise the North Sea oil and gas industry

OGTC drops ‘oil and gas’ and transitions into Net Zero Technology Centre

The Centre suggests the move marks its ‘natural evolution’ as it continues to accelerate technology to enable a net zero energy future, with a vision to reduce emissions from existing facilities and unlock the full potential of an integrated energy system