Octopus Energy, Legal & General heat pump investment breaks records

Octopus Energy and Legal & General have joined forces in a £70 million investment to expand the ground source heat pump business of Kensa Group

Moroccan renewable project for the UK secures £30m

Close to 8% of the UK’s electricity needs will be supplied by the project by 2030, with 3.6GW of renewable electricity generated

Octopus opens seven wind farms in Europe

Located in the UK, Poland, Sweden, Germany and France, they have a combined capacity of 250MW

Solar PPA to help Iceland stay frosty

Octopus has signed a power purchase agreement to supply power from the Breach solar farm in Cambridgeshire

Octopus looks for £100m to boost EV firm

It is working alongside Investec to secure the external investment it’s looking for

Energy prices to change in January – but by how much?

The government is adjusting the EPC, which will see some households’ bills go up minimally

What does the industry say for the PM’s energy care package?

Yesterday, Liz Truss announced a £2,500 cap on energy bills to protect British households

Octopus announces £186m green fund

The fund will invest in the early stages of building new sites – reducing dependence on gas imports

Octopus’ blankets save £300 for customers’ energy bills

The company claims its electric blanket scheme has saved consumers 19% on their costs

Net Hero Podcast – Time for energy to act and flexibility for the future

Why energy must walk away from Russian oil and gas and clean up its act and how we can use our EVs to change our energy future