What does the industry say for the PM’s energy care package?

Yesterday, Liz Truss announced a £2,500 cap on energy bills to protect British households

Octopus announces £186m green fund

The fund will invest in the early stages of building new sites – reducing dependence on gas imports

Octopus’ blankets save £300 for customers’ energy bills

The company claims its electric blanket scheme has saved consumers 19% on their costs

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Why energy must walk away from Russian oil and gas and clean up its act and how we can use our EVs to change our energy future

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Octopus Energy starts the Italian Job with acquisition of energy provider SATO

The renewable energy provider aims to have 1m customers in Italy by 2025

Homes England and Octopus Real Estate launch £175m Greener Homes Alliance

The Alliance will provide loans of between £1m and £20m to make new SME housing projects low carbon and more energy efficient

Al Gore-founded firm invests £437m in Octopus Energy

The British renewable energy group will use the funds to expand its business in energy technology and renewable generation

JustPark and Octopus team up to electrify business fleets

The companies have developed a technology that allows fleet drivers to charge overnight without a private charger