Paint one of the largest plastic polluters in Earth’s oceans

New research reveals we are painting our oceans with the same bad brush

‘Plastic pollution exacerbates climate change’

Both issues should be intrinsically linked and have joined solutions, rather than being considered separate suggests a new report

Consumers increasingly ‘voting with their forks’ for sustainable seafood

Nearly 60% of shoppers have already made changes to the way they choose and buy seafood in the last year in order to protect fish and marine biodiversity

EU to launch Ocean Tracker and make 22 new commitments

The pledges, worth almost €540m, aim to tackle key ocean challenges such as the impact of climate change as well as drive innovation

UK leads new global alliance to protect world’s oceans

The Global Ocean Alliance will push to ensure at least a third of the oceans is safeguarded in Marine Protected Areas by 2030

Climate change has put the Great Barrier Reef ‘in serious trouble’

The Australian Government has officially downgraded outlook for the health of the reef from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’

UK joins international research centre to tackle climate change

UK Science and Innovation Minister Chris Skidmore signed the agreement with Portuguese Science Minister Manuel Heito to become a full member of the Atlantic International Research Centre

How does plastic waste travel through rivers?

Researchers at the University of Hull are documenting plastic waste in one of the world’s most polluted rivers

Plastic ban
Ban on plastic straws and cotton buds in England from April 2020

The government said it received ‘overwhelming public support’ for the move

Global nations, apart from US, agree pact to cut plastic pollution

They amended the Basel Convention to include plastic waste as a legally binding framework