British Chambers of Commerce launches new Net Zero Hub

It found almost 64% of businesses – of more than 1,000 surveyed – say they don’t see net zero targets as a ‘high priority’ and one in five don’t fully understand the term ‘net zero’

Carbon footprint ignored by 89% of British businesses

New research reveals 22% of companies do not even know the meaning of ‘net zero’

O2 rolls out smart cooling technology at data centres to save energy

The project is estimated to deliver energy savings equivalent to one million kilograms of CO2 year on year

O2 launches PPE recycling initiative in retail stores

The single-use materials will be turned into outdoor furniture, storage containers and watering cans

Renewable energy: a journey to the source with O2 and SSE Business Energy

An SSE Green customer sees how hydroelectricity plays its part in our power supply, with National Account Manager Gordon Murray

SSE Business Energy signs deal to allow O2 suppliers and partners go green

The scheme makes O2’s own lower renewable energy rate from SSE Business Energy available to its partner businesses of all sizes

O2 awarded top certification for green supply chains

O2 has become the first organisation to be awarded the top level of the Carbon Trust Standard for Supply Chain. The telecommunications provider achieved the Level 3 certification through creating contracts with suppliers to enrol in carbon reduction programmes. These suppliers represent almost 20% of O2’s supply chain emissions. The standard acts as the world’s first […]

Carbon, water & waste reduction – Triple win for O2

O2 has become the first mobile telecommunications company to be awarded the international triple certification for cutting carbon, water and waste. It has been recognised for deploying more efficient network equipment, switching to LEDs and eco-rating phones on their environmental and ethical performance. The company recycled 95% of general waste from its offices, retail stores […]

Brrring bring your old phones to London station for National Recycling Week

Members of the public can drop off their old mobile phones at recycle points in central London’s Liverpool Street station all this week as part of National Recycle Week. Recycle “tubes” will be dotted around the station as “secure and sustainable” collection points for old handsets. Network Rail and phone operator O2 are behind the […]

O2 reports on blueprint to go green

On Tuesday the mobile operator O2 released its annual sustainability report, the company has set itself 40 targets to reach by 2015 as part of its Think Big Blueprint. Bill Eyres, Head of Sustainability for Telefonica UK and Europe met with ELN during the Campus Party event at O2 arena to talk about how they […]