EDF to shut down two nuclear stations in 2028

This is two years earlier than previously expected

Wärtsilä enters Belgian market with 25MW energy storage system

Belgium is looking to phase out nuclear power by 2025, boosting offshore wind in the process

Government gives nuclear development £210m boost

It has given the funding to Rolls-Royce SMR to develop and deploy small modular reactors in the journey towards net zero emissions

Net Hero at COP26 – Day four – Al Gore says net zero can save us and nuclear goes zero?

A chance speech by Al Gore, a nuclear debate and water water everywhere why don’t we use it for power?

Net Hero podcast – Nuclear can we go net zero without it?

Listen to episode 1 of our new series of weekly insights into the net zero world

Unions: ‘Nuclear funding is critical to net zero success’

Three energy unions are calling for government to accelerate its new nuclear funding plan to help with the country’s net zero aims

Britain hits 34-day coal-burning streak

The grid’s carbon intensity so far in 2021 is already higher than in 2020, marking the first year-on-year increase of this kind since 2012

Next-gen nuclear tech gets £170m boost to accelerate net zero progress

The government investment looks to have nuclear technology up and running within the next decade, in a bid to decarbonise heavy industry

Shutting down nuclear plants risks ‘greatest loss of clean power in history’

In a new letter to world leaders, a group of industry associations stresses without nuclear, progress on decarbonisation will ‘backslide’ and the carbon intensity of energy generation will begin to rise

‘UK nuclear has saved 2.3 billion tonnes of emissions since 1956’

The Nuclear Industry Association claims that over this time period, nuclear power has saved more emissions than any other energy source in British history