Nuclear hydrogen rejected by nations as ‘renewable’

Classifying low carbon as renewable could deter from growing renewable infrastructure, seven EU nations claim

Will the UK grant green status to nuclear power?

The move seeks to drum up more investment in the sector to improve domestic energy resilience

EDF to reconsider end date of two UK nuclear plants amid new windfall tax

EDF has said it will consider the technical and business case of the potential life extension of Heysham 1 and Hartlepool nuclear plants

Nuclear power plant
Is the UK plotting budget cuts to boost its nuclear power dreams?

The Treasury is reportedly reviewing the government spending on projects such as roads, rail and schools

Will Sizewell C nuclear power station be jointly controlled by UK and France?

The UK and French state-controlled energy giant EDF are reportedly expected to take a 50% share each in the project

‘UK families living close to nuclear power stations could get free electricity’

The Business Secretary has said the UK “should copy the French”, benefitting those who do something “in the national interest”

Boris Johnson greenlights £700m nuclear power expansion

In his last major speech as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said the next Prime Minister needed to “go nuclear and go large”

Is this Boris’ big nuclear exit?

The Prime Minister will reportedly promise to give more government support to the planned Sizewell C nuclear power station

Boris Johnson ‘approves funding for Sizewell C nuclear plant’

The financial package will support the construction of two new reactors at Sizewell C, which will generate 3.2GW of electricity

UK calls on Russia to give nuclear facilities back to Ukraine

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is still currently under Russian control