Canterbury City Council adds first-ever EV to its fleet

The local authority has set out plans to electrify its fleet to improve air quality

V2G project turns electric fleet into sources of additional revenue for businesses

E.ON and Nissan have deployed 20 vehicle-to-grid chargers to test how EVs can support the UK grid, save money and reduce carbon emission for companies

ARENA injects $2.4m in one of the world’s largest electric vehicle-to-grid schemes

The programme will see batteries of 50 Nissan Leaf EVs discharge electricity to the Australian grid.

Nissan and 4R Energy receive award for EV efforts during natural disasters

Nissan’s Blue Switch programme has concluded 31 agreements with local governments and companies on EV use during and after natural disasters

Coronavirus puts the brakes on Nissan’s EV and car production at Sunderland factory

The spread of the virus has caused a signficant slowdown in business all around the world

Autonomous Nissan LEAF drives 230 miles across UK

The car used technologies such as GPS, radar, LIDAR and video cameras to travel through a number of ‘unique road environments’

Nottingham taxis to trial wireless charging scheme

A total of 10 taxis will be fitted with wireless charging hardware for taxi rank-based charging, with the city council providing the vehicles to drivers rent free

Nissan and EDF team up to drive smart EV charging

They are offering a new package of both an EV and vehicle-to-grid charging, with the aim of reducing the total cost of ownership for businesses

DVSA slams Nissan for refusing to reduce Qashqai emissions

The car was found to produce 17 times more nitrogen oxide emissions when tested in real world driving conditions

Electric cars charging
Clean vehicles ‘are needed to protect the environment’

That’s the verdict from 65% of people in the UK, according to a 2,000-adult survey conducted by Nissan