Government backs clean heat projects with £91m

This includes a geothermal project in Cornwall, set to power 4,000 homes

NI to get a £3bn net zero network makeover

NIE Networks will invest that amount across a ten-year period, creating 1,000 new jobs for the country in the process

‘Prize of green hydrogen could be within reach’

That’s according to GMB’s Andy Prendergast, who insists the benefits will only be met with the “right investment”

Solihull to become home to £18m low carbon power network

This will see the town’s emissions halved, the council has estimated

East Lothian’s electricity supply boosted by £45m

It is part of a wider £2bn investment plan to make the network more energy efficient

‘US charging point frenzy could leave people of colour behind’

Black communities could be left behind in EV surge, the NAACP claims

WPD launches new strategy to deal with net zero grid demand

It predicts that by 2028, 628k new heat pumps will be connected to its network

New £25m low carbon energy system gets green light

SSE Energy Solutions is developing the infrastructure in West Yorkshire

New £4m funding accelerating 5G rollout

The technology is considered an essential part of the vision for ‘smart’ cities

‘Sending an SMS is better for the environment’

A new report questions the green credentials of 5G, highlighting the ways we use energy in the mobile world