CEMEX and bp team up to deliver net zero CO2 concrete globally

Potential solutions include low carbon power and transport, energy efficiency, natural carbon offsets and carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies

Alok Sharma: ‘COP26 must consign coal to history’

The COP26 President said the government is planning for an in-person summit but was keen to highlight the safety of delegates and the local community ‘will be paramount’

Royal Mail boosts low carbon fleet with 29 biogas trucks

The 40-tonne vehicles will be powered using Bio-Compressed Natural Gas, reducing carbon dioxide equivalents by around 84% compared to existing diesel models.

Recycled brick producer cements £1m of new funding

The funding will allow Kenoteq to produce two million of its 90% recycled bricks per year

SSE Energy Solutions – for a better world of energy

We’re delighted to share news of our plan to rebrand to SSE Energy Solutions

Shutting down nuclear plants risks ‘greatest loss of clean power in history’

In a new letter to world leaders, a group of industry associations stresses without nuclear, progress on decarbonisation will ‘backslide’ and the carbon intensity of energy generation will begin to rise

New biomethane project brings a whole new meaning to gas guzzlers!

A new biomethane station in Bristol will be capable of refuelling 80 HGVs an hour with gas produced from waste food

ENGIE makes decarbonisation metric public

ENGIE has developed a robust methodology to objectively measure the decarbonisation of both the private and public sector – but how does it work?

Zero carbon electricity – what’s in it for my business?

When it comes to decarbonisation, opting for a zero-carbon, fully renewable electricity supply is a fairly simple step many businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint

TIAA commits to 2050 net zero goal on $280bn investment account

The General Account is expected to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its investments and balance any remaining emissions with investments in projects that remove carbon