Sunak shuts door on net zero referendum

The Prime Minister has expressed confidence in the public’s commitment to net zero but emphasised a pragmatic and inclusive approach to achieving it

Sir Patrick Vallance says 2050 ‘a long way off’

He is calling for short-term scientific targets to keep the UK on track

Copenhagen fails to deliver on 2025 carbon-neutrality target

This is after its carbon capture incinerator failed to receive state funding

Singapore looks to bring forward net zero target

It is now considering a 2050 net zero target and more ambitious carbon reduction measures

‘UK is the second best-prepared country to hit net zero by 2050’

That’s according to a new report, despite it being within the top 20 polluters of 2020

Mumbai to become South Asia’s first net zero city

It has set an aim that is 20 years’ more ambitious than the whole of India – aiming for net zero by 2050