UK ‘U-turn’ on net zero – or much ado about nothing?

To read recent headlines, you might be forgiven for thinking the UK is starting to scale back its net-zero ambitions – or possibly even going cold on the idea altogether

Rishi Sunak at G20: UK’s approach to net zero

During the G20 summit in India, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak highlighted the advantages of pursuing net zero targets to stimulate job growth

Next PM must take net zero ‘by the scruff of the neck’, say Lords

The Committee is calling for a detailed plan on how the new leader plans to tackle net zero

High Court rules government net zero aim falls short of the mark

The 2050 plan lacks sufficient detail, the court has found

‘UK is the second best-prepared country to hit net zero by 2050’

That’s according to a new report, despite it being within the top 20 polluters of 2020