Net Hero Podcast – 100th episode special with the Queen of Energy!

So 100 episodes in, I thought time to catch up with a real net hero, Juliette Sanders who has been living the sustainability dream all her career!

Net Hero Podcast – Houses that tell you how to save energy

I discuss a new app that helps you to maximise the energy saving potential of your homes by telling you what to install and where!

AI can help clean up our landfills, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Carling Spelhaug of AMP Robotics who tells us about the value of AI and robotics in recycling

Net Hero Podcast – Is Wall-E about to clean up?

Are AI powered sorting robots in recycling centres the first step to cleaning up the planet faster?

Net Hero Podcast – District heating much more than hot air?

I explore district heating and what it can do for cutting emissions with Rob Thornton an expert in underground energy

“We are so far beyond living sustainably”

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to environmentalist, Julia Hailes, who says we need to work with, not against businesses to go green

Net Hero Podcast – Green business isn’t new!

I speak with Julia Hailes who advocated working with business for environmental change back in the 80s. Is she happy or disappointed with our progress four decades on?

Net Hero Podcast – Our girl goes green!

In this week’s new look podcast, I catch up with ex-employee Mahin who’s ambition is to get Pakistanis talking about net zero!

Net Hero Podcast – Finally a pint that’s good for the planet!

Did you know it takes tonnes of a special rock dug from the ground to provide your pint! So how do we clean up your drinking footprint?

Net Hero Podcast – SBTI pointless for most?

Could most businesses benefit from a different way of measuring their carbon emissions?