Nestlé switches delivery trucks to renewable fuel

Trucks have been converted from running on diesel to bio-LNG

‘Top companies overestimate climate progress’

A new report alleges that some of the world’s largest businesses exaggerate their climate aims and net zero pledges

Morrisons to launch six ‘zero waste’ stores in Edinburgh

The trial supports the supermarket’s ambition to ensure it recycles all of the waste it creates at its stores by 2025

Vegan KitKat launched!

Nestlé has released a plant-based version of the chocolate bar across Europe

Kitkat commits to becoming carbon-neutral by 2025

The chocolate brand aims to halve its emissions and be powered by 100% renewable electricity within four years

Nestlé invests in 250MW solar plant in Texas to support net zero journey

The food giant will purchase 100% of the renewable electricity generated by the project, which will start commercial operations in early 2021

Nestlé to invest £2.6bn for climate action plan in the next five years

The investment will boost the food giant’s ambition to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2025 and support regenerative agriculture practices

Nestlé announces $30m closed loop investment

With this funding, the firm aims to secure access to food-grade recycled plastics feedstock

Nestlé launches ‘plant-based tuna’ to protect ocean biodiversity

The new product is made from a combination of only six plant-based ingredients and is rich in pea protein

Nestlé launches new pea-based dairy alternatives, boasting ‘even better environmental footprint’

The Swiss food giant says the production of plant-based products made from pea protein is a key focus area