‘Brits stopped enough peak energy use to power 10m homes’

That’s following the anti-energy blackout scheme ran by National Grid ESO last winter

‘Green projects that could power 150m homes face huge delays’

This is because the grid is not ready to connect them, new research suggests

‘What are we going to do when the wind doesn’t blow?’

Hydrogen – how easily could it replace natural gas?

Wind generation record smashed in UK

In 2022, the record was broken three times, research has revealed

‘For net zero we need a 400% increase for renewables’

That’s according to the boss of National Grid

New fears for winter UK blackouts erupt

National Grid has reportedly put together a contingency plan to help the country navigate towards energy shortages

National Grid seeks emergency permission to pump more gas to Europe

It is hoped that the move will stave off a European gas supply shortage

Somerset Council boasts £2.8m renewable investment profits

It has invested in two battery storage sites – urging other councils to do the same

National Grid: UK-France interconnector pays off carbon cost in under a year

The 1GW IFA2 electricity cable has saved more carbon in its first year than the total carbon used to build it

Pivot Power announces two new EV battery sites

These sites will provide storage of 50MW lithium-ion batteries