National Grid ESO aims to forecast day-ahead reserve setting under new project

The new approach to scheduling reserve – the back-up power it keeps in readiness in case it is needed – seeks to boost the efficiency of balancing actions and improve value for consumers

Britain set to see ‘periods of true zero carbon electricity in 2025’

National Grid ESO predicts that these periods will be short at first but will be extended as the transformation of the electricity system accelerates

UK and US energy secretaries launch global power system consortium

A global group of power system operators and research bodies will work together to clean global energy networks’ emissions

Committing to a net zero power system as part of COP26

Letter to the Prime Minister, Chancellor, COP26 President and Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, from Drax, BP, National Grid ESO, Sembcorp Energy UK, Shell and SSE

Balancing Market opened up to smaller power providers and technologies

The minimum threshold for taking part in helping balance the system has been lowered from 100MW to 1MW

New £10,000-prize offshore wind data hackathon open

The two-day event will centre around an industrial data-led challenge, with the aim of developing a prototype solution for use in wind farm operations

National Grid ESO power cut report: Industry responds

What does the energy sector think of the findings?

UK’s grid system protection ‘operated as designed during August power cuts’

National Grid ESO has published its final technical report into the power outages of Friday 9th August

Reactive Technologies and National Grid ESO partner to fulfil 2025 zero carbon goals

The six-year deal will see the system operator able to accurately measure system inertia for the first time

Distributed energy ‘could restart power supplies following major outage’

A new project is exploring how distributed energy resources could be used to restore power in the “highly unlikely event” of a total or partial shutdown of the National Electricity Transmission System