UK’s gas network rides on 1960s RAF Fighter jet engines

Britain’s extensive gas network relies on outdated aircraft engines from 1960s RAF Lightning fighter jets, presenting a significant challenge as the industry grapples with the need for costly upgrades

“Hydrogen is like an insurance policy for the country”

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Danielle Stewart, Hydrogen project director at National Gas Transmission who told us that we cannot ignore hydrogen’s role in sustainability

National Gas boss slams push for all-electric UK

National Gas CEO, Jon Butterworth, endorses hydrogen adoption for decarbonisation but criticises the National Infrastructure Commission’s all-electric proposal

Net Hero Podcast – Light up your life the lighter way!

This week I look at the UK’s plan for rolling out Hydrogen via our existing gas network. Is it possible or just a pipe dream?

National Gas mulls paying households to reduce heating

National Gas is reportedly considering offering payments to households in exchange for reducing heating usage to mitigate potential gas shortages

National Gas CEO says net zero should be affordable

We spoke to National Gas CEO, Jon Butterworth, about the future of gas in the energy transition at the Big Zero Show

‘What are we going to do when the wind doesn’t blow?’

Hydrogen – how easily could it replace natural gas?

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“Gas is so important to our society. Without it we would be in a far worse place” says National Gas CEO