Discarded Reading Festival tents ‘could take 10,000 years to decompose’

Festival-goers leave the festival and tonnes of plastic waste destined for landfill – including tents, used underwear and condoms

Music industry’s carbon footprint to fall as pandemic sees summer festivals cancelled

Download Festival’s acts could generate 162,951.40 kilograms of carbon dioxide from travel alone if it went ahead this year, according to a new study

Dorset-based party band becomes ‘first in the UK to be carbon-neutral’

Two members of the Audio Allstars spoke to FNZ about offsetting the carbon footprint of their music and performances

Glastonbury Festival bans single-use plastic bottle sales

Those attending the music festival are being encouraged to bring reusable bottles

Green tracks for Gorillaz in new solar-powered studio

Virtual band Gorillaz will soon be recording new songs generated solely by renewable energy. It has teamed up with energy supplier E.ON to develop a film and music studio powered by solar energy and battery storage. The E.ON Kong Solar Studio will be unveiled at Gorillaz’ Demon Dayz Festival next month, with artists recording songs […]