MOD takes aim at greener future with new roadmap

As part of the UK-wide climate change strategy, the MOD aims to contribute to the UK’s 2050 net zero target by reducing emissions and scaling up the transition to renewable energy

RAF fighter jets and helicopters to use sustainable fuel by 2050

Aircrafts including F-35s, Typhoons and Wildcat helicopters could be powered by hydrogenated fats and oils, wood waste, alcohols, sugars, household waste, biomass and algae

MOD seeks to build 1.4MW subsidy-free solar plant in Gloucester

It would consist of 5,200 solar panels and generate enough electricity to power around 350 homes

Solar panels defend against high energy costs at MOD site

The Defence College of Logistics, Policing and Administration at Worthy Down has been equipped with a total of 1,625 photovoltaic roof panels

Renewable energy, sir! RAF Marham goes green

The project is expected to save the MOD nearly £300,000 every year

MOD picks Capenhurst to store nuclear submarine waste

Radioactive waste from decommissioned Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarines will be stored in Cheshire. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) announced Capenhurst Nuclear Services will be responsible for storing the Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPVs), classified as Intermediate Level radioactive Waste (ILW). RPVs are thick steel containers that held nuclear fuel when the reactor was in operation. The […]

MOD saves £2m by battling energy use with LEDs

The UK’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has seen savings of more than £2 million so far by investing in energy efficient lighting. The DIO, an operating arm of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), installed LEDs across a number of UK sites as part of the MOD’s three-year ‘Energy Spend to Save’ programme launched in 2011. […]

Royal Navy jacks up air con energy savings

The Royal Navy is about to hoist up its energy savings with upgrades to the air conditioning and heating systems on its warships. HVAC firm E-CO UK was commissioned by engineering firm BAE Systems to improve the air treatment units on 14 British Royal Navy frigates. Air con is needed as many of the Type […]

MOD installs "wind-farm friendly" radar

The Ministry of Defence has installed a “wind farm friendly” radar which could potentially unlock more than four gigawatts of energy- enough to power over two million homes. The MOD has, up until now, objected to wind farms located near Air Defence Radars due to the interference caused by the turbine blades. However, the installation […]