China sues Obama for blocked wind farm purchase

China is reportedly suing US President Barack Obama for blocking a Chinese-owned firm from buying four wind farm projects in the States. The Chinese-owned Ralls Corp wanted to buy a handful of Oregon wind farm projects. Its lawsuit alleges the US government overstepped its authority. Last Friday Obama signed a decree banning the sale, which […]

Obama vows military energy independence

US President Barack Obama’s administration said they were committed to get energy independence for the nation’s military last week. During a tour of the USS Monterey (pictured), a missile cruiser, US Agriculture Secretary who works towards implementing the President’s plans, said advanced biofuels would be vital in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Mr Tom […]

Romney promises US energy independence by 2021

Potential US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has promised his country would have energy independence by 2021 if he came into power. Speaking in Ohio this week, the Republican Party candidate declared the States wouldn’t have to rely on energy from Venezuala and the Middle East by the end of his second four-year term in the […]

Romney would end US wind subsidy

US would-be president Mitt Romney has suggested he would end wind energy subsidy if he came to power in a challenge to President Obama’s own backing of the renewable energy, according to reports. As the run-up to US presidential elections later this year heats up, the Romney campaign earlier this week signalled the Republican nominee […]