Car giant says Brexit is bad news for EVs

Stellantis says it may have to pull EV production in the UK due to Brexit rules on where parts come from

Legal action considered against Welsh coal mine

Campaigners claim mining has continued six months after planning permission ran out

‘More than half of bitcoin now green-powered’

Wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear are now allegedly used to mine the cryptocurrency

Copper industry circles 2050 net zero target

The move could see the sector become more attractive to environmentally-conscious investment funds, the ICA has said

Despite drop, lithium still costs eight times more than last year

Due to less demand for EVs in China, the price of its lithium has dipped by 30% – analysis suggests

Slovakia secures €459m to support coal phase out by 2023

The EU funds will support a ‘fair transition’ for the country’s metals and chemicals industries in the Upper Nitra, Košice and Banská Bystrica regions towards climate neutrality

EU strikes green hydrogen deal with Namibia at COP27

They have committed to develop an operational roadmap for 2023-24, with concrete joint actions agreed within six months

UK’s first large-scale lithium site gets green light

The Middlesbrough facility will put the UK on the map when it comes to processing the metal critical to EVs, phones and wind farms

More than 5.3bn phones to be thrown away this year

Without change, 74 million tonnes of e-waste a year could be generated by the world’s population

Industrial wasteland turned into nature reserve

Wildlife has fought back to reclaim land once used for mining