Danish fighter pilots to begin training in electric planes

Rookie pilots in the Danish air force are to start training using electric planes

University of Exeter and Supacat launch hybrid military off-road vehicle

The vehicle can act as a power hub for field hospitals and it is able to drive itself on highly complex terrains

US defense operations ‘create more emissions than Sweden’

A new study suggests the Pentagon, which oversees the US military, was responsible for producing about 59 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2017

Renewable energy, sir! RAF Marham goes green

The project is expected to save the MOD nearly £300,000 every year

US Air Force upgrades space-based solar

The US Air Force has developed new highly efficient, radiation-tolerant solar cells for use in space. The US Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) inverted metamorphic multi-junction (IMM) solar technology offers increased power efficiency at reduced costs and will be used primarily for military space applications. Each unit’s multiple layers of light-absorbing materials means it can […]

Funding worth £750k offered for robot power packs

Organisations can now apply for funding to develop on-board power generators for robots. The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) is offering a share of £750,000 to any group that can offer a promising concept for replacing the batteries on a robot with a small, lightweight power generator. The CDE needs to find a technology to improve the operating time of robots […]

UK firms develop solar energy storage for armed forces

Four British energy companies are working together to develop safe, lightweight and robust solar energy storage systems for the military around the world. Lincad, Oxis Energy, Pure Wafer and Solutronic are sharing their knowledge and expertise for the “next generation” of battery technology, which will also be adapted for the commercial and residential market. Lincad […]

Obama vows military energy independence

US President Barack Obama’s administration said they were committed to get energy independence for the nation’s military last week. During a tour of the USS Monterey (pictured), a missile cruiser, US Agriculture Secretary who works towards implementing the President’s plans, said advanced biofuels would be vital in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Mr Tom […]

Energy efficient warfare? Roger that

The United States is putting forward more cash for research to make its army’s devices more energy efficient. US Energy Secretary Steven Chu yesterday announced a $30 million (£18.8) research competition to fund improving energy storage devices, which includes some being developed by the Department of Defense. One such project is hoping to increase the […]

Solar-powered plane lands after 14 days

Zephyr, the solar-powered plane that has been in the air for two weeks, it to come down to earth on Friday. Zephyr was launched on July 9 and flew above the US Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. The unmanned, zero-emissions aircraft has been developed by QinetiQ as a cost effective alternative to traditional aircraft […]