British Army’s shift to electric Land Rovers

Four military Land Rovers are being converted to run on electric batteries rather than diesel

China suspends climate change cooperation with US

This is following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

US Army marches towards green future with new floating solar array

The 1.1MW project has been developed on the Big Muddy Lake at Camp Mackall and has been paired with a 2MW battery storage system

Fiji: ‘Climate change is our greatest threat’, not war

That’s what the Defence Minister has had to say following battery cyclones and flooding in recent months

US Navy launches climate plan

Navy officials will need to submit climate mitigation plans within 90 days

RAF completes synthetic fuel trial with drones

The drone completed a 20-minute test flight in Wiltshire using fuel derived from food waste and bacteria

Denmark looks to phase out Russian gas

It is also looking to increase its defence spending

US Army releases climate strategy

It has pledged to achieve net zero by 2050

Prince Charles to say military stance on climate change needed at COP26

The Prince of Wales is expected to say a ‘war-like footing’ is needed to tackle climate change in his speech at the opening ceremony of the summit

Danish fighter pilots to begin training in electric planes

Rookie pilots in the Danish air force are to start training using electric planes