Work starts on Middle East’s first high-speed hydrogen refuelling station

The refuelling plant, which is being built in Masdar City, will create clean hydrogen from water, using an electrolyser powered by green electricity and will be completed later this year

Masdar increases renewable capacity by 87% in three years

It claims it is now on track to become one of the world’s largest renewable firms

Airbus and Masdar ink SAF deal before COP28

The two companies will collaborate on SAF, green hydrogen and carbon capture technologies to reduce their carbon footprint

‘Curbing global warming can stop 80% of heat-related deaths’

If emissions don’t decrease, the number of deaths in the Middle East and North Africa could rise to 123 people per 100,000, a study claims

Qatar World Cup green pledge slammed by 500 daily flights

Fans flying in from nearby Dubai and other cities for games is putting the carbon-neutral pledge in doubt, researchers claim

New commercial-scale waste-to-energy plant fired up in the UAE

The facility in Sharjah will divert around 300k tonnes of waste from landfill every year while producing 30MW of low carbon electricity

Middle East gets £5m climate funding from UK government

It will gain access to new data and information on climate change in the region from the Met Office

Oman enlists bp to boost its renewable portfolio

It is looking to increase renewable energy consumption by 39% by 2040

Aramco inks deal with French businesses to boost hydrogen in Saudi Arabia

It will explore the possibility of a hydrogen-powered vehicle business for the Middle Eastern market and other low carbon technologies

‘Middle East plans $44bn hydrogen investment’

A new report suggests that the Middle East could become the new global ‘hydrogen hub’