Are landfills the world’s methane super-emitters?

A landfill in Buenos Aires has the same climate impact as one and a half million cars, according to new research

‘Hydrogen leaks could mean it’s not so green after all’

That’s according to new research claiming new infrastructure must be built to ensure clean hydrogen stays cleanv

Climate change a stronger driver of methane than expected

Methane is causing global warming more than scientists previously estimated, new research claims

Government boosts sustainable farming with £12.5m

A new machine is set to be launched, turning methane emissions into a clean power source for farms

Ben & Jerry’s looks for a carbon-clean scoop

It is trialling a farming process that cuts carbon and methane from its products

CO2 on Earth hits highest level in human history

That’s according to data, revealing that for the first time, carbon dioxide levels have peaked at 420ppm

Prince Charles backs cow mask that neutralises emissions

A mask that cows can wear to cut methane output has won an award and funding

‘Methane and CO2 emissions broke new record in 2021’

The annual increase of atmospheric methane in 2021 was the largest in the last 39 years, according to new research

Samsung Ventures invests in waste-to-hydrogen start-up Raven

The Wyoming-based renewable fuels company is gearing up to start the construction of its first commercial waste-to-hydrogen production facility in the US

bp’s natural gas plant certified for low methane emissions

The facility in Texas has been graded “A” – meaning the methane intensity is less than 0.05%