bp’s natural gas plant certified for low methane emissions

The facility in Texas has been graded “A” – meaning the methane intensity is less than 0.05%

‘Confusing blue and green hydrogen is dangerous’

Australia is ignoring the environmental impact of blue hydrogen when compared with its green alternative, claims a new study

Seaweed to feed the Northern Irish ‘Dairy Girls’

Feeding seaweed to cows could cut emissions by 30% a new study has found

COP26: Glasgow conference caught off guard as US and China join forces on climate

The world’s two biggest polluters have agreed to work together on reducing emissions and keeping the Paris Agreement-aligned temperature limit within reach

COP26: More than 80 countries pledge to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030

Methane is responsible for a third of human-induced global warming

‘Oil and gas industry will stop 75% cut in methane emissions from happening’

There is a new suggestion that the resistance of oil and gas firms to reveal their methane output will prevent the reduction needed to tackle climate change

US and EU pledge 30% reduction in methane emissions by 2030

Other countries that have already indicated their support for the Global Methane Pledge are the UK, Argentina, Ghana, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy and Mexico

PSEG sells fossil fuel plants for $1.9bn to support net zero goal

The company recently announced it has accelerated its net zero climate goal by two decades – from 2050 to 2030

GHGSat secures $30m to develop satellites that detect methane emissions

The space-based data and analytics enables regulators and sectors such as oil and gas, waste management, mining, energy and agriculture to properly assess and track emissions and take prompt action

Brazilian food processing company launches carbon-neutral beef range

Marfrig has collaborated with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation to create a sustainable cattle production chain