Refusing smart meters ‘could soon become very expensive’ for households

Climate Change Minister Lord Duncan told the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee that people who stop a smart meter being installed could be hit by “very high” bills

Electricity meter
Nearly 90% of citizens say energy firms must tackle meter cheats

Of 150,000 cases currently taking place each year, only around 1,500 people are charged

Global smart meter revenue ‘to hit $14bn by 2026’

ABI Research expects future demand to be driven mainly by water companies

Under 11,000 customers affected by gas meter mistake

Under 11,000 customers have been affected by a meter reading mistake. Energy UK said that’s the number of customers that have either been charged too much or too little on their gas bills. Earlier this month, Ofgem revealed an error was caused by a mismatch between the unit the meter was measuring gas consumption in and the unit recorded […]

Energy suppliers told to refund customers after gas meter error

Ofgem has told energy suppliers to refund gas customers affected by a meter reading mistake. In a letter sent to energy firms, the regulator stated the error was caused by a mismatch between the unit the meter is measuring gas consumption in and the unit recorded in suppliers’ back office systems. The mistake led to […]

Pre-pay meters ‘cost £226 more a year’

Energy customers on pre-payment meters have been paying an average of £226 a year more than they would have done on the cheapest direct debit tariff. That’s according to charity Citizens Advice. They added the gap between the cheapest and most expensive tariffs widened by up to a third in six months. Co-Operative Energy, which […]

Ofgem investigates energy firms over meter rollout

An investigation into whether some of the Big Six energy companies have taken “all reasonable steps” when installing advanced meters has been launched. It comes as three of the major suppliers – British Gas, E.ON and npower – had the lowest completion rates for installing smart electricity meters for business customers. Under the Government’s advanced […]

MPs challenge Ofgem boss over standing charges on bills

The boss of Ofgem was today challenged by MPs over the use of standing charges on customers’ bills at a meeting of the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee. Andrew Wright, Ofgem’s interim CEO, was asked what steps the regulator had taken to tackle problems with the charges, which according to Labour MP […]

Charity calls for water metering

Putting a metered price on water is essential if people are expected to value water. These were the words of The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management who are calling for tougher measures from government in the way that we deal with our water issues. The ‘Water White Paper’, launched yesterday, endorses reducing the […]

Which smart meter?

Seven energy companies have vowed not to sell their products to customers while making smart meter installations. According to Which? research 93% of people say they would not let an energy company salesperson into their home, and 31% would not even open the door to them. When it comes to smart meters, customers will have […]