El Niño has started

Scientists think the incoming heat could make 2024 the hottest year on record

Met Office warns 35°C heatwave ‘more than likely’

This follows record temperatures of upwards of 40°C in 2022

La Niña cooling period over

This could mean a period of extreme heat in the coming years, scientists have suggested

‘UK flood damages to rise by 20%’

This will be due to the impacts of climate change, researchers have found

‘El Niño and extreme heat to return in 2023’

The year could be one of the hottest ever recorded, scientists warn

Met Office: ‘Last year the UK’s warmest ever’

The country saw average temperatures of more than 10°C for the first time

January weather in Europe hits all-time high

Temperatures have hit levels as high as 10°C above the average

Met Office: ‘2023 could be hotter than 2022’

That’s after the UK saw temperatures of more than 40°C last summer

New satellite to predict violent storms

This will allow Europe to prepare for impacts of storms increasing from climate change

Oceans have stored 91% of energy caused by climate change in last 50 years

Last year sea levels and ocean temperatures hit new records, scientists reveal