Satellites confirm 2.7tn tonnes of glacier ice lost in 10 years

Scientists have seen the images taken by the Cryosat spacecraft, which have revealed that these glaciers have lost 2% of their bulk within the decade

‘More than 7tn tonnes of ice has been lost in 30 years’

Ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland is to blame for a quarter of the world’s sea level rises, scientists have found

‘Antarctic melting could be quicker than scientists thought’

The melting of Antarctica’s ice sheet has already contributed to a nearly one centimetre rise in global sea levels since the 1990s

Climate change: ‘Fake snow won’t cut it’

This last ski season it was too warm even for fake snow, an Italian resort found

‘Europe and polar regions struck hardest by global warming’

That’s after 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record

UN: ‘Last 8 years the hottest ever’

Sea level rises have also doubled in the last 30 years, a report has found

Where is the fastest-warming place on Earth?

A Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean warming at six-times the average rate…

Arctic warming four times quicker than rest of the world

Scientists claim that previous estimates of warming in the region have been underestimated

Greenland ice sheet shrinks for 25th consecutive year

A new UN-backed report has revealed 2021 to be another year in which the sheet lost more mass than it gained in the winter

‘Colder winters caused by Arctic global warming’

A new report claims extremely cold weather in the US is caused by the heating of the Arctic