Nearly 20 cattle firms ‘generate more emissions than Britain, Germany or France’

Meat production is forecast to increase by 40 million tonnes by 2029, according to a new research

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney does not want meat-eaters to ‘Let it Be’

His Meat Free Monday campaign’s new study claims that more than 30% of those who tried giving up meat once a week for five years ended up giving it up entirely

New animal-free meat tech raises the steaks for low carbon dining

Aleph Farms and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have created what they claim is the world’s first ribeye steak made using 3D bioprinting technology

LEON launches carbon-neutral burger menu – but can meat really be green?

LEON is measuring, reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of its new menu across the whole supply chain, including ingredients, packaging and kitchen operations

Brazilian food processing company launches carbon-neutral beef range

Marfrig has collaborated with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation to create a sustainable cattle production chain

Could insect-based animal feed be the key to decarbonising agriculture?

Entec Nutrition, which has won £250,000 of funding from Innovate UK, suggests the answer could be yes

IKEA introduces plant-based meatballs to shrink carbon footprint

The new addition to the menu is made with pea protein, potatoes, oats, onion and apple and maintains 4% of the carbon footprint of the famous meatballs

UK’s largest meat businesses announce ambition to halve the amount wasted each year

Currently, around 380,000 tonnes of the meat intended for consumption goes uneaten each year, generating more than four million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents

Halving livestock production ‘could reduce biodiversity losses by as much as 30%’

A new study published by alternative meat producer Heura suggests this could save up to 12,000 species annually

KFC launches first vegetarian restaurant

The fast-food chain’s store on the Binnenwegplein in Rotterdam has swapped its traditional offerings for chicken-free burgers