‘World’s first’ $20m carbon-neutral bicycle tyre factory to open next year

The facility will be based in Thailand, run on solar power and use recycled materials in its manufacturing

Tevva unveils ‘first’ British-designed mass production electric truck

The 7.5-tonne Tevva Truck offers a range of up to 250km in fully electric form or up to 500km with its hydrogen fuel cells range extender technology

TSMC chips in on net zero target by 2050

It has agreed to adopt renewable energy and curb the growth of its emissions in the next four years

Majority of UK industries ‘are off track to hit net zero by 2050’

A new research analysed 17 industrial sectors and found that of them just five are currently driving emissions down

Lotus to build £900m EV plant in Wuhan

The sports car brand has stated the plant will ramp up production to 150,000 vehicles per year

Vauxhall plant to go all-electric

Ellesmore Port will begin solely producing battery-electric vans from 2022 due to a £100m investment from Stellantis

‘Only half’ of manufacturers on course to reach Paris Agreement targets

Only 10% of organisations worldwide are employing what Capgemini calls a ‘holistic approach’ to sustainable manufacturing

From meat eating petrolhead to EV driving vegan – the man who changed his business

Alan Rance took just 14 months to turn his manufacturing business into a carbon neutral operation and today he’s net zero

Scotland offers £34m for energy intensive firms to reduce costs and emissions

Businesses can apply for grants of more than £125,000 to invest in energy efficiency schemes and low carbon technologies

Brunel University London lands €875k to cut waste, water and energy use from industry

The EU funding makes up a share of more than €10m in total finance aimed at cutting waste, water and energy use from industry