United Utilities introduces wastewater treatment tech to slash emissions

The new system is forecast to lead to power savings of up to 84% compared to older models

Hospitals launch V2G project to help Manchester reach carbon-neutrality

EVs that transport medication and medical equipment will store energy and feed it back into the grid to help supply energy at times of peak demand

Abundance Investment launches bond to help build new EV chargers across Manchester

The ethical investment crowdfunding platform will work to drive investment in Iduna Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in order to finance the new infrastructure

ENGIE lands £33m housing maintenance and repairs contract with Manchester City Council

ENGIE has a strong and established partnership with Manchester City Council, already delivering repairs and maintenance services to more than 400 council buildings across the city

Community hub in Manchester goes solar to save more than £50k in energy costs every year

The photovoltaic installation at Wythenshawe Forum is forecast to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 121 tonnes every year

Manchester partnership unveils its first EV chargers

Seven of Engie’s GeniePoint Network chargers – a mix of 22kW and 7kW sockets – have been installed at the Council’s Hooper Street depot in Ardwick

‘Manchester could reach 2038 net zero target with a 25% reduction of its energy use’

An urgent phase-out of fossil fuel gas in favour of hydrogen could help the city become carbon-neutral 12 years earlier than the rest of the UK, according to a new report

Manchester builds back better by boosting EV charging network

The first phase of work involves the upgrade of the existing network of almost 120 fast chargers and the installation of 24 new rapid chargers

Is the coronavirus crisis the crystal ball that holds the future of a green transport revolution?

Will the new normal help us pedal towards the emergence of car-free cities and escape our dark past?

Manchester launches climate plan to slash emissions and reach net zero

The measures aim to reduce the carbon emissions from the city’s buildings, energy use and transport from around 30,000 tonnes in 2019/20 to around 15,000 tonnes per year in 2024/25